God’s wisdom is treasure


Our Daily Bread Ministries

[Wisdom] is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold.

Proverbs 3:14

Buried treasure. It sounds like something out of a children’s storybook. But eccentric millionaire Forrest Fenn claims to have left a box of jewels and gold, worth up to $2 million, somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Many people have gone in search of it. In fact, four people have lost their lives trying to find the hidden riches.

The author of Proverbs gives us reason to stop and think: Does any kind of treasure merit such a quest? In Proverbs 4, a father writing to his sons about how to live well suggests that wisdom is one thing worth seeking at any cost (v. 7). Wisdom, he says, will lead us through life, keep us from stumbling, and crown us with honor (vv. 8-12). Writing hundreds of years later, James, half-brother of Jesus and leader in the early church, also emphasized the importance of wisdom. “The wisdom that comes from heaven,” he writes, “is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere” (James 3:17). When we seek wisdom, we find all kinds of good things flourishing in our lives.

To seek wisdom is ultimately to seek God, the source of all wisdom and understanding. And the wisdom that comes from above is worth more than any buried treasure we could ever imagine.

By Amy Peterson

In Proverbs 4, Solomon encourages his sons to pursue wisdom and then emphasizes its benefits. Wisdom will watch over and protect (v. 6). She will exalt and honor the one who finds her (v. 8). She will adorn those who find her with “garland” and a “crown”—symbols of respect and dignity (v. 9). She will keep those who pursue her from stumbling and from stepping on the path of evildoers (vv. 12, 14). With all these benefits, it’s no wonder we’re to pursue wisdom no matter the cost. It’s worth everything we have (v. 7). J.R. Hudberg


My Declaration : I Believe

God is the creator of this universe, 
And Jesus Christ was sent to save the world, 
And all things that was written in the Bible, 
In Alpha and Omega, the start and the end of everything, 
All space and time is predestined, 
Unless it has been interfered by God, 
That Adam and Eve is our ancestors, 
And there was only one race, one religion, one language, 
From the very beginning. 
All powers and principalities, 
Are placed by God, 
Even unto persecution or death, 
We will have to carry out our cross, 
Salvation will only come, 
When we run a good race, 
And we should not seek violence, 
To solve a problem, 
The Holy Spirit, our guide to the Truth, 
And Man is the head of the family, 
The Pastor/priest is head of the Church, 
And Jesus Christ is the Messiah of the Church. 
In the new age, 
There will be a new heaven and earth, 
Derived from the old, 
That Death will be over, 
There will not be any sorrow, 
Darkness will be over, 
There will be no nightfall, 
There will be Light always, 
Mankind will reap what they sow, 
There will be abundant food and drinks, 
More than your heart desires, 
The Transformation will bring, 
And Mankind will be lord over, 
Time and Space, 
And Travel will be but in a twinkling of an eye. 
And Man will live forever, 
In the presence of God.


I am the Watchman/Silent Warrior in End Times preparing for Jesus return

I am the Eye in the Sky

With today’s satellite imagery, 
I can have a bird’s eye view, 
Of every city, 
Every movement of every traffic, 
And I know the intimate details, 
Every rail, bus or car can hold, 
I do not need, 
Very exact details, 
Just an estimate, 
To get my job done. 
Now imagine, 
If I merge this information, 
With every business estate, 
And I combine this, 
With every residential estate, 
I will know the heartbeat, 
Of any city I want to study. 
If I have furthur info, 
Of every sector of business, 
The volume of business generated, 
The income of every residential household, 
And their pattern of expenditure, 
I would have enough info, 
To built a view of a model, 
Where I can change any factors, 
To create my ideal model, 
To maximise the potential of income. 
And if I get the info, 
Of any sector of a business process, 
I will know how to tabulate, 
And fill in to the greater picture, 
And thru a series of fact finding, 
I will generate an insight no one has ever seen, 
Creating my business intelligence, 
Into any sector I chose

2020-2022 Prophecies & Predictions

God will punish America when they do not want to give up nuclear weapons and control of the United Nations, the control of the World. Only by giving up nuclear weapons will the entire world see peace for 1000 years. There will be a great struggle during this period where the US will be targeted with a real war by the Green Horseman and economically by every country oppressed by them, where even Isreal cannot do anything to help America. No country will dare attack Isreal, for God will supernaturally defend it without Isreal lifting a finger. America and the world will use mind control technologies, a survellience society to try to control everyone, those who do not have the Holy Spirit will be under the control of the Devil, but everyone already know the predictions of a nuclear war and will eventually avoid using nuclear. What will happen to America will be in America’s hands, the total destruction of Babylon or the move into a 1000 years of peace by accepting God’s plan.

Contributed by Oogle.

PS : The Bible made many predictions because of the hardness of man’s heart, there are so many scenerios but nobody knows what God is going to do, even I do not know exactly what is in God’s mind, but one thing is sure, we do not fear anything that is going to happen, because of God’s promises to us and Isreal, and the second coming of Jesus.

Jesus Gives End Time WARNING to The Church

Interpretation: Presently there will be seven churches in the world but many will not have the Holy Spirit and the seal of God. The World and the Devil which controls the World will change whatever God’s technologies to control your minds and your thoughts which nobody can escape without the Holy Spirit. Therefore when Jesus comes back there there will be only two camps left. Those who has the Holy Spirit which will destined to go to Heaven and those who has not, which will be kept out of God’s kingdom and will face torture and suffering until the end of the 1000 years, where those who are alive and not saved will face God’s judgement.

I have shown you all the Secrets of finding favor with God

Being a christian is more than accepting Jesus Christ

Reading the Bible

It is knowing the nature of God

Having a relationship with God by obeying the Holy Spirit

Who will direct your paths and show you all things

Whoever God loves He will chastened

And God will answer prayers according to His timing

I have chased after God’s wisdom and knowledge

I do not care about anything in this world

Not about money, Not about material things,

Not about family, not even my life,

But the knowledge and relationship with my God

Knowing my destiny and obeying God’s work in my life

Because I have found favor with God

Contributed by Oogle.


The Law of Firstfruits

My God wants me to pass this message to all christians
Knowing the true nature of God
If you do not have blessings under God’s promises
It is because you do not know the fundamentals of getting blessings from God
My God will fulfill the desires of your heart
And He does not concern if you a King or a poor man
Whatever you entrust to God He will return a hundredfold
Everything is done under God’s timing
Least I get carried away it is my own works
God did not allow me to liquidate any assets or look for any job opportunities until the coast is clear
I am just S$10,000 away from achieving God’s works
Which I can easily resolve using my own resources
But I am waiting for God’s resources
The fulfillment of God’s promises
It is not my will but God’s will that prevails
Even if the entire world turn their backs on me
I do not care
Because I am not of the World.

Contributed by Oogle.