The New Millennium : The Choice is Yours

“Faced with dwindling scarced resources and an ever increasing population, the overuse of the earth only spell destruction for mankind, and mankind is unable to solve the problems of the world, we have come to a crossroad where we have to make the ultimate choice of sustainability, to survive and enter the new age, life will go on on earth, but mankind has come to a crossroad, to face God or to run away, to embrace good instead of evil, to abandon our selfish desires and sin, destroy our weapons of war(nuclear), move to the new millennium where God is our provider where sin doesn’t exist anymore, no sickness and no poverty, enough food on the table and a job for everyone, where you reap what you sow, keeping your riches in heaven, for generations to come. Welcome to the New Millennium, the Choice is Yours to make, for every inhabitant on earth. Time is running out.”

If a man vow a vow unto the LORD, or swear an oath to bind his soul with a bond; he shall not break his word, he shall do according to all that proceedeth out of his mouth. Numbers 30:2
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
2 Chronicles 7:14
And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven. Luke 21:11

I do not see the earth disappearing in december 2012, life will go on with a new perspective, that God is Almighty and all around us. Events and signs in the heavens and earth in the coming months will reveal what God has in mind to force mankind to turn back to him, I am a firm believer in destiny and I believe you can change your destiny if you pray hard enough, unless that happens, mankind will be in one of the roughest ride since the beginning of time, only the total destruction of nuclear weapons can peace be returned to earth, to bring in the new millennium. 
– Contributed by Oogle. 

– 提供者Oogle。

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

IT expert with more than 20 years experience in Multiple OS, Security, Data & Internet , Interests include AI and Big Data, Internet and multimedia. An experienced Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, and a Futures trader. I am capable of finding any answers in the world you want as long as there are reports available online for me to do my own research to bring you closest to all the unsolved mysteries in this world, because I can find all the paths to the Truth, and what the Future holds. All I need is to observe, test and probe to research on anything I want, what you need to do will take months to achieve, all I need is a few hours.​

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