When my Lord comes back, Heaven will be a place on Earth

My Lord will come back for his church, the chosen 144,000. Where Heaven will be a place on Earth, And He will grant me the reward of my prize, A Bride chosen from every country and tribe, A Marriage made in Heaven with a promise sealed with every country and tribe in the world, Where my off springs will be as many as Abraham, An Everlasting Peace, Where sex and carnal desires will never exist, And no more prostitution and crime, Man will be given a shining new body thru the transformation, and he will also be Lord over time and space, With a twinkling of an eye, He can travel over the entire Universe, and Man can also live and create life in other colonies in the Universe, Eternal life will be given, and no more bad weather or disruptions of the weather, earthquakes or tsunami, famines, diseases, sickness or death. We are going to be like Angels, to sit and eat with our Lord and worship and praise Him, in Peace and prosperity forever. In Heaven God will allocate resources based on your talents, like now on Earth everything is allocated based on an economic system, this system is no longer necessary, in the Economy of Abundance. Why I do not support Climate change, it is because of sin in the world, we are on a path of destruction, if we reverse the course and get rid of all weapons of mass destruction, with proper waste management and stop deforestation, our destiny will be different and everything in the climate will change for the better.

What will happen to the rest of the people? They will be kept out of the city of God until Judgment Day, where they will be exposed to harsh conditions where Satan will be in control of everything. God does not want to destroy the world by fire, which is the destiny of mankind, this is the last chance to get rid of nuclear, or when the Anti-Christ comes he will kill one third of the world population, and all of the Bible prophesies will come true.

Contributed by Oogle.

The Lust of your Eyes



I am a normal human, and not a saint, whatever a man desires so do I, but over many years, I have slowly trained myself to kick the habits, but 1 thing I still have not overcomed, is my addiction to dopamine, I need dopamine to self release the stress I faced from work, I longed for a natural way to do it with my lifelong partner, many scammers and women have tried to lure me with sex, but it no longer works on me, because I have overcomed, and will await for my partner to be provided by God.

My Lord teaches me, to test every girl who comes to you, what is their expectations, and what do they want in return, do they love you, or want your money, what is their heart actually like, their morals and their values, but sad to say, nobody qualifies for more than 15 years after my divorce. I am too smart to be fooled by any woman, if I like her, I am willing to accept her imperfections, her lifestyle can be different from mine, but can she carry the responsibilities? There is nothing to hide in my life. I am impotent and can never have sex with a woman. Trying to scam, harass or make me fall into all your traps over the years have not worked and I know exactly who every individual is involved. When I play with you, you cannot take it and you will commit suicide because your everything will be destroyed hiding behind your secret lives.

I am not part of this world, and I will not conform to man made rituals, only my Lord can judge me and I will not listen to anyone else unless a pastor of the church, my Lord most important command to me is not to do anything to cause others to fall, because their fall will be judged against you in the Judgement Day. So many people has tried to attack me saying “His knowledge is from the devil”, “He is the Anti-Christ”, I am not here to start another religion, if the world does not listen to the preaching of the bible neither will they listen to me although pastors have very different gifts compared to me. I will get my job done although I get so many problems with those who tries to stop me, but if God is for me, who is against me. So I do not care about my reputation, I will work with the poorest, prostitudes and the rejects of society.

Contributed by Oogle.

Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it. Luke 11:28

Brian was scheduled to be an usher at his brother’s wedding, but he was a no-show. Understandably, family members were disappointed, including his sister Jasmine who was the Scripture reader for the occasion. At the ceremony she flawlessly read from the well-known Scripture passage about love in 1 Corinthians 13. But after the wedding when her father asked her to deliver a birthday gift to Brian, she hesitated. She found it harder to live the words about love than to read them. Before the evening was over, however, she had a change of mind and admitted, “I can’t stand and read Scripture about love and not practice it.”

Have you ever been convicted by Scripture that you read or heard but found it difficult to carry out? You’re not alone. It’s easier to read and listen to God’s Word than to obey it. That’s why James’s challenge is so fitting: “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says” (James 1:22). His mirror illustration makes us smile because we know what it means to observe something about ourselves that needs attention. But we’re deceived if we think that observing alone is enough. When James nudges us to “[look] intently into” and “[continue] in” God’s truth (v. 25), he encourages us to do what Jasmine was compelled to do—live it. God’s Word calls for it, and He deserves nothing less.

By Arthur Jackson