The Great Revival to Penticostal Times

We are coming to a Great Revival to Penticostal Times

The REAL TRUTH of the corona virus is to steal trillions of technologies and try to cut off all my contacts with the world so nobody knows what is happening, that Jesus is coming back and everything has been interfered by the elites and my family, my mobile everything is monitored and all calls are filtered, my laptop the entire internet is also filtered and monitored, at the end of the day, my family is afraid I will find a girlfriend and many wives and they will get nothing. My family is so rich they are the Singapore Government, or else do you think things can be done so easily?

I got hundreds of people attacking me and they try all kinds of tactics they can think of, stop all my income, interfere with my work, and they are really the devil tormenting me day and night, wants all my secrets to all my inventions and technologies, because now I control everything, and all the devils are all trying to get it back with everything in the world, sex, money and power I refuse because I no longer belong to the world and nobody can touch me even when hell blows over. Yes 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year even when I sleep, so it does not affect me anymore as God provides me everything even they cut off all money so I got no food to eat, but who gives a damn, if I really want manna can fall down from the sky. So it will be like this in the End Times, the devil knows his time is up, and all christians will walk the same path I walk, to train you for spiritual warfare, to built up your Faith, and only depend on God.

Contributed by Oogle.


My God teaches me to help everybody irregardless of race, religions within your means

  1. Why do I live in a rental flat and not in a condo or bungalow? I do not need to prove anything to the world especially to show off I got money which everybody in the world needs. I just show I am greatly blessed and I have all the solutions to solve all your problems without receiving any benefits. You have a choice to donate after you prosper.

  2. Today I can start all my charities and fund all my works myself, if not for the nonsense from everybody blocking my income, so cannot do big I can always start small ad my mission will never change. Solve poverty within 10 years as my Lord is coming back and I need to present my gift of a Perfect Economy. 

  3. It is not I do not have victory, my standards are not your standards because of your worldly views, my eyes are spiritual and by right I can already be the richest man in the world, look around you at all those successful pastors and evangelists, what I can do already change every christian organisations in the world, give them victory and power and return everybody to have a personal relationship wit God, and I have already achieved many millions time over, so material things or money does not matter to me.

  4. I have seen the future, at the end of the day everybody in the world will still approach me, because they need money and I am an Angel of Light, I will never give you trouble unless you attack me first.

  5. Within 6 months all who are faithless will see the light at the end of the tunnel and God’s plan will still be fulfilled, nothing the devil does will succeed.

Sublimal messages for Mind control beyond MK-ULTRA

Actually there is nothing to fear about 5G Towers frying your brains. What you need to fear is the capabilities of these 4G/5G towers to be use as a mode of transmission of sublimal programming messages to put thoughts in your brains. I have schzophrenia 10 over years ago as I have been attacked by every CIA methods and I got great intelligence which nobody in the world has. In the near future, even the AntiChrist will use it to interfer with your thoughts and really mess you up, because the technology is everywhere and there is n lace you can hide, unless on a remote island devoid of all technologies.

Every single tactic they use I know, I can programme you to hear certain keywords and insert these into a news article to be read by an unknowing news casters. When the keyword is heard it will trigger a response from your brain with a very specific response, even asking you to a kill a person without knowing why. I have been tested and I have overcome. They are not so stupid to do that in front of you to leave evidence, everything is done in secret n the next room or where you cannot see anything. There are so many methods to torture you, and one method is to starve you to death then give you a drnk or can food you can never open and frustrate you to death, and when you blow up you will be considered a violent person and kept locked up in isolation without food and light, if you are kept there for more than 30 days you will die, both from disorientation ad hunger.

These are the tactics they will use in the End Times to persecute all christians when you do not submit to the AntiChrist, because the period is short, or else millions of people will die, both christians and non christians who will be forced to have a mark of the beast or to worship the beast.


I am a servant for all

I am here not to be a King. But a servant for all. I run for a crown in heaven. So everything in this world, money or luxuries or power does not matter to me. I will make a difference in your life. I live the Christian Faith. And I follow Jesus ways. Nothing in this world matters except following my Lord. Everything in this World I will change towards a Perfect Economy. No more poverty, wars and destruction. A world of Peace and Prosperity, Technological advancement and Innovations. Towards an Eternal life when my Lord comes again. I have always believed in God’s promises, whatever you give you will get many folds in return. It does not matter in this world or the world to come. My God will never forsake his promises.

Believe it or not. This path I take nobody in the world will believe or help me, all my friends, relatives will turn their backs on me, and I will have to go through hardship and sufferings to get where I want to go, to declare God’s messages, that Jesus is coming back to pave the path where the world will be Perfect again, this generation will not pass until all these things will happen. God did not allow me to enrich myself by investments although I can make millions if I want to. I will only be able to make money for charity and hold on a regular job like everybody else but I have the ability to multitask, and help many people. I need to travel to Myanmar to solve the Rohingya crisis, bring North Korea to the Global economy, and solve and get rid of all the slums in the world. Check above for all my goals. The future paradise will be a place where your memories and knowledge in your brain can be stored and transferred, where the Tree of Life will give you Eternal Life, our body will be transformed into light and we will be masters of time and space, travel thru the air will be a a twingling of an eye, what a wonderful place it will be where there is no weather disruptions and we will sleep with wild animals and beasts, and yes, no more crime and drugs anymore in the world.

“What good is being great if you do not lift the world up with you? Work hard and be successful in life, and success is not what the world determines, it is found in your heart and and the goals you want in life. Chase after your dreams when you are young, cause when you are old you face many barriers and the opportunities you have in life.”

God has no wish to destroy the world, but God is Holy and cannot tolerate sin, due to God’s grace and His love He is giving the world one last chance, to return back to the Garden of Eden, to be in a Perfect relationship with God again. A double portion of the Spirit of Elijah will be bestowed to me when I complete my tasks, to deal and judge against the evil of the world, as God has heard the cries of his people who has been persecuted, killed and tortured, to bring judgement against the tormentors, especially against the weak and the poor, woman and children. I am the enlightened one, the only one command by God is “Obey God”, do not worry about anything else as He will provide, not a preacher or an evangelist, based on my research of The Koran, Tibetan Scripture, the Bible and the lost scrolls of the Dead Sea, I have found all the answers in this world, if you ran after God without a care about this world, He will show you everything, and depending on how Big your prayer is, everything will be answered with God’s timing, so everyone must have patience, or you will be tested like the Isrealites wondering in the wilderness for 40 years, carry your cross and have Faith, and it will be answered in due course. I already understood in the Towers of Babel that mankind should be one race, one religion, one language in the first place, so I do not try to promote any religion or cause conflict in any way, even if I promote China for the control of the UN, but finally the one who will take control is Jesus, and nobody can deny His Authority. Throughout history whatever man invented like money, communism, socialism or capitalism is not perfect and has many flaws, I have taken away all that does not work and created a hybrid system that is perfect with all the insights given by God.

Never judge another person because you maybe looking at a very narrow view of the four seasons of a person’s life, and may not see the true picture. Even the great Mayan civilization passed in vain. What is the use of promoting a religion when nobody has found the Truth? Nobody is greater than our Superior God and nobody in this world is perfect. There is so much conflicts in this world because of religion but one day we all will be accountable to God on Judgement Day. So I will not take anything into account in this world, just following my Lord is all I do, if nobody listens or help me, I will carry on doing what God wants me to do, if I cannot find a partner, I will chose from the lowest in society with no expectations except her heart belongs to God, and all those who works with me I will do the same, the work of God will carry on, and later all of God’s promises will be fulfilled in His right timing. Globalization is a Single Global Market for every member of the United Nations to trade 24/7 365 days a year and raise money from a Single Financial Market using Digital Currencies thru the co-operation of One Race, One Religion, One Language of the Global citizen.

*My God teaches me to help everybody, but do not rob and steal, I can easily solve your problems, but if you benefit from it, please donate freely to my Non Profit, everybody needs money to survive, and I need to fund it by myself, I have been doing it for more than 10 years and until now, never even get a single cent in return, if everybody does this all the time I might as well pack up and be a hermit, it is not funny being treated like a fool.

“You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you (as an Ambassador of Christ) that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you.” John 15:16

I am the Enlighten One and I have found the way to victory. Other than having a relationship with God, you need to have True Faith, 100% depending on God, then whatever you ask in Faith with totally no doubt of God’s capabilities, and ask in words and speak it out loud, it will happen exactly as you ask for, it depends on how big is your prayer, if you ask the mountain to be removed it wiil depends on God’s timing, or else it will be immediate. You need to keep your thoughts in check, if it is negative your prayers will be negative and will not be answered, if it is from the Holy Spirit it will never contradicts the bible, always watch your words as what you curse will come true, be humble and do not anyhow test the power of God. Please do not ask me to perform miracles, that is not my job since you already have pastors and prophets who are given such gifts. I am only supposed to do what I can do best. What you can think of I already know beforehand, or you will be beaten and chased away, I am here not to satisfy your curiosity. Yes, so I can read your thoughts, your body language and actions, so if I really want anything you tell me is the truth or lies. If I want I can get anything in the world for free but I will never stoop so low, my God teaches me never to beg since I am a creation of God, screw around you still get no results and still you can never get me to beg. I think Dalai Lama and Pope Francis will faint when they see me.

The Lost Voyage Of Jesus to Cadiz – The First Gentiles – The last tribe of Isreal (before Jesus 2nd coming)

“The last family of the Isrealites will return to the Holy Land, and Jesus Christ will then return.” Contributed by Oogle.

When our Lord returns, all nations of the world will come to Jerusalem to worship (Micah 2:3). Jerusalem will be the capital city not only of Israel but of the entire world, and the Word of the Lord shall go forth from Zion (Isaiah 2:3). Jesus will reign from Jerusalem (Luke 1:32). Israel is at the center of God’s plan. 

The Hidden teachings of the Gospel of Thomas

If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.

Gospel of Thomas

Jesus said, “When you make the two one, you will become the sons of man, and when you say, ‘Mountain, move away,’ it will move away.” … (108) Jesus said, “He who will drink from my mouth will become like me. I myself shall become he, and the things that are hidden will be revealed to him.” 

Gospel of Thomas verse 106

Everything that is happening in the world do not get distracted, do not love the world or money or anything in the world, and only focus only on God, he is training his 144,000 saints to prepare for his second coming.

“If you believe without a doubt in your heart and pray it out loud in words, whatever you ask, God will give it to you according to God’s timing. This is the power every Christian has.”

Jesus said, “Blessed is the man who has suffered and found life.”  

Gospel of Thomas verse 58

Contributed by Oogle.

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