God’s Two End-Time Messages


The End Times message is clear

God has clearly shown a Perfect World under Jesus Christ

He has mercy now if you listen and repent

The World will not perished in Destruction

Like a carrot or a stick you must chose your path

God promised a life of prosperity and peace

And He has never lied and there will be others to witness to what I say

It is God’s Holy Spirit witnessing to the Entire World

Chose Life or Death in the New World order under Jesus

Without Jesus you will surely die

And when Jesus comes back He will judge the world.

Contributed by Oogle.

God’s Kind Of Prosperity

My God is Faithful

Throughout my Life He has taken care of all my Needs

Good times and Bad times, Ups and Downs

He has never failed me

He is the God of Prosperity and Peace

And He understands all our Needs

He will bless you for prosperity in His own way

And all Christians can testify  of His great blessing

If you follow all his commandments and seek Him earnestly

My God is a Great God of Mercy

Up to date He is still waiting

For those who seek Him and repent

Even great evil has been committed against Him and the World

All those who has the Holy Spirit

We are sealed for divine protection

Nothing in this world can hurt us unless God allows

We who has tasted this divine relationship

Will not give it up for anything in this world

A Life of Faith.

Contributed by Oogle.