Jesus Gives End Time WARNING to The Church

Interpretation: Presently there will be seven churches in the world but many will not have the Holy Spirit and the seal of God. The World and the Devil which controls the World will change whatever God’s technologies to control your minds and your thoughts which nobody can escape without the Holy Spirit. Therefore when Jesus comes back there there will be only two camps left. Those who has the Holy Spirit which will destined to go to Heaven and those who has not, which will be kept out of God’s kingdom and will face torture and suffering until the end of the 1000 years, where those who are alive and not saved will face God’s judgement.

I have shown you all the Secrets of finding favor with God

Being a christian is more than accepting Jesus Christ

Reading the Bible

It is knowing the nature of God

Having a relationship with God by obeying the Holy Spirit

Who will direct your paths and show you all things

Whoever God loves He will chastened

And God will answer prayers according to His timing

I have chased after God’s wisdom and knowledge

I do not care about anything in this world

Not about money, Not about material things,

Not about family, not even my life,

But the knowledge and relationship with my God

Knowing my destiny and obeying God’s work in my life

Because I have found favor with God

Contributed by Oogle.


The Law of Firstfruits

My God wants me to pass this message to all christians
Knowing the true nature of God
If you do not have blessings under God’s promises
It is because you do not know the fundamentals of getting blessings from God
My God will fulfill the desires of your heart
And He does not concern if you a King or a poor man
Whatever you entrust to God He will return a hundredfold
Everything is done under God’s timing
Least I get carried away it is my own works
God did not allow me to liquidate any assets or look for any job opportunities until the coast is clear
I am just S$10,000 away from achieving God’s works
Which I can easily resolve using my own resources
But I am waiting for God’s resources
The fulfillment of God’s promises
It is not my will but God’s will that prevails
Even if the entire world turn their backs on me
I do not care
Because I am not of the World.

Contributed by Oogle.

Managing Expections according to God’s timing

Take one day at a time. Do not worry God will provide for your all your needs but on your part you must be hardworking and not be lazy. As you becomes faithful God will provide more and more, until you will be filled to the brim of your cup which overflows. When you ask for more, you will be tested even more, whatever resources you entrusted to God will multiplied a hundred fold, you must be patient to let the seed grow until it becomes a tree that bear fruits. The bible should be your armour against those who rob and steal, put on the full armour and deny sin and evil in your life, the Holy Spirit will guide you and show you all things and protect you against all evil, but you must first be sensitive to it’s promptings, I have relied for more than 10 years against all attacks by the evil one but always has been delivered every single time. for God will not test you beyond what you can bear, between 40 days or 40 years the choice is yours, everything in this world is testimony of God’s greatness, even the control of the weather and all the power in this world will be yours as children of God, but you must first pass God’s test of fire and the increase of your Faith. Contributed by Oogle.