Transparency – A market perspective

I have always believe,
Money will always flow freely,
To the most transparent economy,
We have amongst the highest standards,
But a smaller than expected market,
All these will change with the FTAs,
The freeing of trade with Asean and the rest of the world,
Will bring great opportunities in all areas and regions,
Prosperity will direct,
Other countries to jump into the bandwagon,
And if the problems of the world can be solved,
Who wants to think about conflicts/war,
But success will only come,
If everyone go after the same perspective,
Free trade and prosperity,
For all nations of the world.

Contributed by Oogle.



To resolve Poverty, invest in your child's education.

In order to resolve poverty,
Families must provide,
A decent education for their children,
To develop their fullest potential,
To ignore is to restrict your family’s future,
And you will never get out,
Of the poverty cycle,
Governments can help,
But families must plan, organise, and execute,
A Financial Plan,
To save for the future,
A little a day, with years gone by,
To accumulate wealth,
The rising cost of inflation,
Will erode your present earnings,
When the time comes to pay,
For your children’s education,
You will never have enough,
Unless you save day by day.

Contributed by Oogle.



Road to Success

The road to success, is a lifelong journey, its that never ending quest to acquire, sufficient knowledge to complete your goals. Today’s education is just a stepping stone, in order to raise to management you got to learn, all aspects of your industry, your business’s goals with respect to all markets, being booksmart is not enough, than being streetsmart, and there is not an educational institution, to teach you to be streetsmart. More emphasis should be taught, a module or a series of modules, at education of higher learning, for managers and business owners, how to read the markets, how to indentify trends in the markets, how to determine demand and supply, how to meet demand without destructive competition, the use of economic data by countries to determine and plan your business goals. I could not show you the importance, by being streetsmart it will determine, whether you succeed or fail, and by studying information, you could plan your goals, and the determination, that success can only be found, if you knock at every door, cause you will never know, if that next door you open, will give you that final break. So proper planning and control, must be in place, to ensure you have sufficient resources, in times of failure or setbacks, you can still take the knocks and restart everything from scratch again. If once you are fallen, and can not stand up again, it is an eternal failure, you will not see success again.

I am the Catalyst

Not a destroyer or a raider,
Not a toppler of governments,
Nor a seller of secrets,
Neither a hacker or code breaker,
But I have developed the tools,
That will help you find your own future,
Of your technologies and products/services,
The solutions of the world,
Whatever information you provide,
I will find you the answers,
And the answers will be as accurate as,
The information you provide,
If your information is flawed so will the answers be,
I have no choice,
In order to reach my goals,
I have to step and cross,
Some unhappy people,
But there is nothing to fear,
I do not steal or take,
Things that do not belong to me,
If I have borrowed I will return with premiums,
The results of my studies,
There is a pie big enough for everyone,
To compete and share,
And develop the next generation of technologies,
To reap what you sow.

Contributed by Oogle.

————————————————– ——————————-我催化剂驱逐舰或入侵者,一个toppler政府,也不是一个秘密的卖方,无论是黑客或代码断路器,但我开发的工具,这将帮助您找到自己的未来,你的技术和产品/服务,世界上的解决方案,无论您提供的信息,我会帮您找到答案,,答案准确,您提供的信息,如果您的信息是有缺陷的答案,我别无选择,为了达到自己的目标,我有步骤和交叉,有些不愉快的人,但有什么好怕的,我不偷不走,不属于我的东西,如果我有借来的,我将返回与保费,我的研究结果,是为每个人都足够大的馅饼,竞争和分享,和发展下一代的技术,为了获得你的母猪。


I am the Eye in the Sky

With today’s satellite imagery,
I can have a bird’s eye view,
Of every city,
Every movement of every traffic,
And I know the intimate details,
Every rail, bus or car can hold,
I do not need,
Very exact details,
Just an estimate,
To get my job done.
Now imagine,
If I merge this information,
With every business estate,
And I combine this,
With every residential estate,
I will know the heartbeat,
Of any city I want to study.
If I have furthur info,
Of every sector of business,
The volume of business generated,
The income of every residential household,
And their pattern of expenditure,
I would have enough info,
To built a view of a model,
Where I can change any factors,
To create my ideal model,
To maximise the potential of income.
And if I get the info,
Of any sector of a business process,
I will know how to tabulate,
And fill in to the greater picture,
And thru a series of fact finding,
I will generate an insight no one has ever seen,
Creating my business intelligence,
Into any sector I chose.

Forcing your competition to collaborate

I have designed,
A process where you can find,
All the answers of a black box,
The applications of software,
The design of an unknown IC chip,
Any unknown secrets,
All I need to do,
Is hit it with inputs,
And study all the outputs,
Comparing with all known processes,
And finally assembling all the answers,
It is not 100% foolproof,
Although almost 75% can be obtained,
And it will help you know,
Intimate details of your competition,
Allowing you to re-engineer,
Without hacking into sourcecodes,
Without knowing the circuits of a wafer,
Without stealing other’s IP,
Allowing you to create your own,
Forcing them back at the negiotiation table,
To help mankind advance,
Than to be held back by monopolistic cartel,
It is better than any antitrust lawsuit,
A solution where,
Win – win for all parties.

Contributed by Oogle.

今天的卫星图像, 我可以有一个鸟瞰, 每到一个城市, 每年的每一个交通动作, 我知道亲密的细节, 每个火车,巴士或汽车可以持有, 我不需要, 非常精确的细节, 只是一个估计值, 要完成我的工作。 现在想象一下, 如果我合并这些信息, 每一个企业的房地产, 我结合, 每个住宅楼盘, 我就知道了心跳, 任何一个城市,我要学。 如果我有furthur信息, 每一个业务部门, 产生的业务量, 每个住宅的家庭的收入, 而他们的开支模式, 我想有足够的信息, 建立一个模型, 我可以改变的任何因素, 要创建我的理想模型, 为了最大限度地提高收入的潜力。 如果我得到的信息, 任何一个业务流程的部门, 我会知道如何制表, 并填写更大的图片, 通过一系列事实的裁断, 我会产生一个谁也没有见过的洞察力, 创建我的商务智能, 任何部门,我选择。
————————————————– ———————————- 强制你的竞争合作
我设计, 这里你可以找到一个过程, 所有的答案一个黑盒子, 软件的应用, 一个未知的IC芯片设计, 任何未知的秘密, 所有我需要做的, 被击中的投入, 和研究,所有的输出, 与所有已知的进程, 最后组装所有的答案, 它不是100%万无一失, 虽然可以
它将帮助您了解, 您的竞争亲密的细节, 让您重新设计, 没有源码黑客, 不知道晶圆的电路, 没有偷对方的IP, 让你创建自己的, 迫使他们回到谈判桌上, 为了帮助人类提前, 比垄断卡特尔举行, 这是比任何反垄断诉讼, 一个解决方案, 双赢 – 赢得各方。

Developing the Next Generation Software without Sourcecodes

I have broken the barriers,
And it is now possible,
To develop new software,
Without looking at the Source Codes.
The Secret lie in testing and comparing,
Against the objectives of the software,
Every application and its goals,
Every way it handles objects,
Every technology,
Then compile to provide,
The view to the entire Roadmap.
It is not possible to be perfect,
But by doing it you will learn and understand and develop,
The next generation software.
Without breaking the Source Codes.

The Freeing of Intellectual Property

Most people are not aware,
By freeing Intellectual property,
And licensing such,
If a new product or technology is created,
You will have a share in it,
Is the greatest model,
To maximise your returns,
We are on the very verge,
Of converging technogies,
Where hardware is more advance than software,
But in time to come,
Software will advance in quantum leap,
And overtake hardware,
I will provide the designs,
The models and the visions,
Of taking Software so advanced,
That by testing the limitations of software,
And finding the solutions,
It is possible to design,
The next possible chip and computer,
To handle the new software.

Contributed by Oogle.

The creation of The Free Market Exchange

We are coming to a time,
Where the setup of a Free Market Exchange,
Will determine Demand before Supply,
Companies who wants to procure,
Will key in their orders,
And the system will match with,
A supplier who will match the order,
A contract is digitally signed,
For fulfillment at a future date,
Like the contracts of future trading,
Most goods and services can be traded this way,
The system will be linked to payment,
For credit & trade financing,
And also logistics,
Via Land, sea or Air,
All types of currencies,
Even insurance costs can be computed,
Running 24 by 7, 365 days a year,
There is no stop to trading,
All comodities/goods/services of the world.

Contributed by Oogle.